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Rehabilitation at Home with RAPAEL Smart Kids

Virtual Reality Based Therapy

RAPAEL Smart Kids is a rehabilitation training tool utilizing cutting edge sensors for real-time feedback and outcomes tracking for children with disabilities related to brain and nervous system disorders.

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Rehabilitation of the hand and arm based on VR

Kids can enjoy a variety of Virtual Reality games on the RAPAEL App to incorporate their affected side.

Regular Updates

Training activities are regularly updated to encourage patients to continue to stay engaged in rehabilitation.

Designed by therapists

We develop a wide range of VR training activities which take into account both clinical effectiveness and fun.

Continued Upper Extremity Training at Home

Is it difficult for your child to stay motivated to continue their rehabilitation at home? RAPAEL Smart Kids is a solution to continuing a fun, engaging and motivating home rehabilitation program.

Simple and easy to use

RAPAEL software is intuitive and guides you through training.

Training Suggestions

RAPAEL Home software suggests a series of activities based on the user's performance to continue their progress.

Small and lightweight

RAPAEL devices are portable and lightweight, allowing the user to participate in training wherever, whenever.

Accurate Rehab through Accurate Measurement

Movement with hemiparesis can be really challenging. However, Smart Kids can pick up on even the smallest amount of movement and transmit it to the RAPAEL Home Platform. Small movements are translated to larger movement in the virtual reality environment, providing real-time feedback and opportunities for high numbers of repetition.

Complete Rehab More Effectively

It is important for patients with hemiplegia or movement challenges to use repetition to re-learn the motion and to re-wire the brain. RAPAEL makes it more efficient.

Stimulates Neuroplasticity

As long as you are able to learn, you can take advantage of the neuroplasticity of the brain. Even when a part of the brain is damaged, leading to arm and hand challenges, meaningful, repetitive training can assist your brain in relearning these tasks.

Sensorimotor training

Sensorimotor training is a very important part of the rehabilitation process. Training that accompanies multi-sensory stimulation can accelerate the brain's rewiring process. RAPAEL Rehab contents help the brain's neural networks rewire by providing real-time visual and auditory feedback to the user.

Learning schedule algorithm

Neuroplasticity and motor skill improvements are maximized when a person is presented with just the right challenge. RAPAEL's learning algorithm suggests the most optimal tasks for each user based on their individual performance and encourages the development of larger ranges of motion and greater repetition for motor learning.

Customize Your Child's Training Session

It can be difficult to know where to start and how to progress when you're completing rehab at home. RAPAEL Smart Kids provides a road map for what kind of training the child should do, for how long and in what order based on exclusive algorithms and clinical data.

An Affordable Monthly Subscription

Get the RAPAEL Rehab Solution at a special price for a limited time. Pay now with PayPal or connect with customer service to get started on a monthly subscription plan.


Product specifications


8.7 inch x 2.7 inch

  • Body: 2 oz
  • Battery: 0.8 oz
    • Acceleration sensor
    • gyroscope sensor
    • Magnetic sensor



Bluetooth 2.1


3.0V 750mAh

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Rapael Smart Kids?

Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), Spinal Cord Injury(SCI), Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson's Disease.

What is the difference between Smart Glove and Smart Kids?

Due to it’s size, the Smart Kids device does not incorporate finger sensors. To see if a small size in the Smart Glove might work for your child, contact customer service. smart kids does assess and provide feedback on forearm and wrist motion, combating “learned non-use” often present in children with hemiplegia.

Does the Smart Kids move the patient's hand on its own?

Note that our device is not assistive, meaning that there is no mechanism on the glove that assists the user to move their hands or electrical stimulation to help with movement. The user would need to have some trace movement to perform the exercises.

What happens after my subscription ends?

Our customer service representative will contact you to determine your desire to extend your subscription prior to the end of your subscription.

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